Using Social Media to Reduce Unemployment and Facilitate Access to Job Opportunities

  • Hamid Ali Abdulla
  • Zahraa Muhammed Hassan
  • Osamah A.Abdullah
  • Ahmed Ali Almulla
Keywords: Social Media, Unemploymet, Job Opportunities.


Social media is one of the most significant achievements of contemporary technology, perhaps the most powerful because of its close connection with the so-called information or digital revolution. It is not limited to individual and personal use. Still, public and private companies use it to communicate with customers and interact with them by exchanging ideas, information, advertisements, and applying for employment by providing job opportunities. Technical skills, professional experience, and academic achievement are required to obtain a job. Statistics indicate that there are more than four billion Internet users around the world.

Therefore, the research focuses on evaluating the critical means of social communication used and looks forward to their potential and ability to provide job opportunities and reduce unemployment, whether in government institutions (public or private sector).

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H. Ali Abdulla, Z. Muhammed Hassan, O. A.Abdullah, and A. Ali Almulla, “Using Social Media to Reduce Unemployment and Facilitate Access to Job Opportunities”, JMAUC, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 1-10, May 2024.