Characteristics of Brillouin Fiber Laser Under Two Different Techniques

  • Mudhafer. H. Ali Network Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Al-Iraqia University
  • Mohammed A. Saleh Physics Department, College of Education, Al-Iraqia University
  • Ali H. Abdulhadi Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department, University of Technology
Keywords: single wavelength Brillouin fiber laser, conventional technique, recycling technique


The effect of recycling transmitted Brillouin power (RTBP) ratio on the threshold of the single wavelength Brillouin fiber laser (SWBFL) utilizing a recycling technique (R-Technique) is investigated. Different single mode fiber (SMF) lengths are used as a gain medium for the proposed laser. The RTBP ratio is increased from 20 % to 100 % a steps of 20 %  and compared within the conventional technique (C-Technique) for each gain medium length. The laser threshold within R-Technique is enhanced by 48.4 % for gain medium length of 5 km and by 28.29 % for gain medium length of 30 km as compared within the C-Technique. This reduction in the threshold ratio is attributed to the fact that at long SMF (>10 km) the effective gain medium length tends to be approximately constant.  

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Mudhafer. H. Ali, Mohammed A. Saleh, and Ali H. Abdulhadi, “Characteristics of Brillouin Fiber Laser Under Two Different Techniques”, JMAUC, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 66 - 74, Jan. 2019.